Latest Work

It always sounds a bit pretentious when artists try to put words to their images but I find it helpful to attempt such an exercise so here goes……

These figurative colour studies use curved forms which extend across the plane. They attempt to balance background with subjects and balance gender attributes associated with colour and form.

I’ve been working on series of generic portraits and figures breaking up the faces with facets and using angular marks and textures to embed them into their backgrounds. They seem to convey an emotional charge and contextual complexity that interests me.

Still Life. The challenge is in the title. How do you give Life to simple objects? I’ve been learning from Max Beckmann and Robert MacBride. It’s like solving an open ended puzzle with endless possibilities of solutions.

For the first 4 weeks of the shut down I set myself the task of larger group figurative narratives. The idea is to suggest an open story, a snapshot around which the viewer can build their own story.